Format Architectural

complex fabrications

double radius sphere

Spherical components

Format have produced aluminium spherical components to various radii and shapes. The panel beating skills needed to achieve some of these shapes are retained, in house, and are available to produce most spherical shapes.

Products include:

  • double radius sphere

    Double Radius Sphere Aw Paint

    Double radius component produced in 2mm aluminium to facilitate requirements for differing radii in different planes. This photograph shows completed manufacture awaiting Polyester Powder Coating.

  • spherical components

    1/8 Sphere Aw Paint

    Spherical components produced in 2mm aluminium with recessed connection flanges on all 3 edges. Photograph shows completed manufacture awaiting Polyester Powder Coating.

  • part spherical corner

    Part Spherical Corner

    Large 1250 diameter spherical corner component produced in 3mm aluminium with return flanges on all 3 sides. Photograph shows completed manufacture of 1/8th sphere awaiting polyester powder coating.

aluminium apex

Angular components

Format produce a vast variety of angular junctions and fabrications. The development skills of our team ensure that we are able to deliver the most complex of angular fabrications to suit individual needs.

Products include:

  • aluminium apex

    8 Way Apex in Aluminium

    Aluminium Ridge Apex to complete octagon shaped glazed conservatory roof. Completed Component awaiting Polyester Powder Coating.

  • half round profile

    50mm Half Round Profile Closed End

    50mm half round profile closed end produced from PVF2 coated steel rollformed sheets with 300mm long leg flat return. Joined by solder.

  • blind lourve corners

    Blind Louvre Corners

    70mm Louvre profile 90ยบ external corners produced from PVF2 coated aluminium rollformed sheets with 500mm leg lengths. Joined by bonding.

  • 4 way apex

    4 Way Apex in Aluminium

    4 way 5 bend aluminium ridge piece to accommodate pyramid shaped roof.

  • apex cap

    6 Way Apex Cap

    6 sided apex cap to accommodate standing seam roofing system.

  • two way junction

    3 Piece 2 Way Junction

    3 piece 2 colour Powder Coated Aluminium Fascia Soffit System showing internal and external corner detail.

  • fascia corner

    Fascia Corner

    Corner detail for fascia pressing with radial longitudinal bends giving a "softer" appearance. Product shown awaiting polyester powder coating. Installed at Belvoir High School, Nottingham.

curved bullnose

Curved components

Format produce curved components for all aspects of construction and cladding including radius Bullnose, curved Fascias and Soffits, including elliptical and cone developments where needed.

Products include:

  • curved bullnose

    Curved Bullnose & Soffits

    Aluminium curved bullnose & soffit panels for entrance to Jersey airport, shown in completed form following polyester powder coating.

  • curved soffit

    Curved Fascia & Soffit

    Curved Aluminium Fascia and deep soffit for Honda Birmingham.

  • cone hopper

    Cone Shaped Hopper

    One of many hoppers for Redland Green School, Bristol. Produced in Aluminium to form sloping cone with outlets and overflow then Polyester Powder Coated and EPDM Rubber lined.

  • bullnose junction

    Bullnose / Verge Junction

    Curved Barge Board and Verge with welded intersection in Polyester Powder Coated aluminium at Honda Shirley.

  • radial tube fabrication

    Radial Tube Fabrication

    Rolled Square Section tube welded to form basis of barrel vault for post glazing.

  • curved sections

    Multiple Curved Sections

    Curved barge board and verge with welded corner together with curved drips to gable cladding all in Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium at Retail Outlet Ebbw Vale.

  • curved canopy

    Curved Canopy in situ

    Fully welded aluminium entrance canopy produced in 3mm aluminium Polyester Powder Coated for Cougar Monitoring, Dudley.

  • fan inlet

    Fan Inlet Fabrication

    Fan inlet fabrication produced in 2mm powder coated aluminium, with removable perforated inlet panel. 6 No. installed at Engineering plant in Forfar, Scotland.