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Quality at heart

Product and Service Superiority

We are only as good as the products and services we provide. We are committed as a group to offering products and services with a genuine superiority in quality, innovation and value, but the most important of these is quality. Our quality standard is Right First Time, which is in line with our Quality Standard Commitment.

Service to our Partners

We treat our employees, customers and suppliers as Stakeholders; our goal is to exceed expectations every day in demonstrating sensitivity and responsiveness to our partners needs, proactively.

Respect for colleagues

We value the diversity of our colleagues and believe in the dignity and worth of every individual. We treat our colleagues with fairness and respect, while empowering them to think independently and act resourcefully. Every job is important and must be performed well if we are to succeed. Our company provides equal opportunity for all to achieve personal growth and fulfilment in their careers. Our most important asset are our people.


All of us together are stronger and wiser than any of us individually. We will develop within our company the attitude of a championship team: a spirit of enthusiasm, dedication and teamwork in pursuit of common goals. We will be known as people who care - about our customers, our products, our company, our suppliers and one another.


We must earn the maximum return for our Stakeholders, which in turn ensures our future and permits us to reinvest in growth. The key to performance is achieving continuous improvement in every area of our business. To do this we must develop our core competencies, and invest in education to improve our critical skills.

Social Responsibility

Through our commitment to excellence, we have published a Health and Safety and First Aid policy. We will respect and help protect the environment. We will also be good citizens of every community in which we operate, thereby contributing to prosperity and harmony.

We are committed as an organisation to acting with integrity and character. When faced with moral choices, we will do the right thing. We will bring professionalism and proper business conduct to everything we do. Our developed culture is one of honesty, respect and happiness.